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Get data-driven insights about the performance of your content and make informed decisions to improve your existing content marketing strategy.

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What is Content Audit

A tailored content audit is a process of assessing and analyzing your website content in-depth.

The primary objective of a content audit is to bring out the strengths and weaknesses in your content strategy and flow. End-to-end content audits also ensure your content plan aligns with your marketing goals and helps you achieve your desired business and SEO outcomes. 

Our content audit services help you locate low-performing or outdated content and then guide you create high-performing content.

Also, our content audit strategy is customized to amplify your workflow. This can help you fill the content gaps and deliver a seamless customer experience at different touch-points. 

Our Content Audit Solutions Include

Based on your current brand positioning, we provide tailored content audit solutions to maintain the authenticity and relevance of the content. Here’s what we offer:

Buyer's Persona

We help you create buyer personas based on your target market and the needs, goals, and pain points of your buyers. Our team ensures you get an accurate reflection of your audience for enhanced content marketing results.

Customer Journey Analysis

We understand your business and analyze the different stages of your customers’ journey. Based on that, we filter the type of content you need to put out more of to improve engagement and hence overall conversions.

Content Gap Analysis

We analyze the gaps between your audience and your content strategy. Once we spot gaps in your existing presence, you can focus on creating content to connect with your audience in a better way.

Competitor Research

With years of experience doing in-depth competitor research to extract valuable insights, we can help you with the same. Our team has access to the right tools to help you get accurate and precise action points.

Industries We Serve


With the complexity involved in the SaaS industry, content audits can be too overwhelming or time-consuming for you. This is where we can help you handle the dreadful task with finesse.


Gauge and improve your content’s performance and address the queries of the tech users. Position existing and future content that addresses the pain points of a highly aware tech audience.


Generate more content ideas related to your IT industry and fill gaps in your buy cycle coverage. We’ll analyze competitive offerings and the market overall to deliver tailored insights.


Get detailed perspective about your current healthcare content strategy. Solidify the foundation for providing your patients with high-quality, helpful, and knowledgable content that guides them well.


Strengthen your brand’s positioning in the market with our professional content audit solutions. Improving your presence can help you accentuate your credibility to your prospective clients.


Highlight your credibility to your audience by improving your content marketing results. Market your financial product or services effectively by improving your content strategy and results.

Why Choose Us?

Our experience and determination to deliver the best results for your organization help us stand out from the rest. Here are some unique aspects we offer:

Content Experts

We have a professional team of content experts with experience in different industries.

SEO In Mind

Our tailored SEO strategy can improve your SERP rankings and help drive highly targeted, organic traffic.

In-depth Analysis

We have access to the best tools and strategies to analyze your content.

Actionable Reports

Our robust and well-vetted reports can help you improve your decision-making and analyze the results quickly and effectively.


We follow a result-oriented approach to deliver the best content audits. Our team can help you find the gaps in your existing strategy and also offer effective solutions.

Active Support

Queries can arise at any step of the way, and we are always ready to help answer those and any other concerns that you might have.


Frequently Asked Questions

A professional content audit process helps analyze the existing content strategy and its performance. It can help you identify the gaps, leaks, weaknesses, and strengths in your current strategy and provide a pathway to get better content marketing results.

We follow our experience and results-driven, time-tested standard operating procedures to complete a content audit. Analyzing your requirements and content goals sets up the foundation for our content audit.

Then we gather the content that needs auditing for categorization and analysis. We then finalize and summarize the audit by including actionable insights in our well-vetted reports. 

The average consideration time for a content audit should be every 3-6 months. Because of the evolving industry and consumer requirements, you must ensure that your content stays relevant and up-to-date.

So, every three to six months, you must  monitor and adapt to user behavior or needs changes.

As a leading content auditing service provider in the country, we understand the importance of using the tools and conducting manual research to analyze your content with a more human touch. Some professional content audit tools our teams use are Screaming Frog, Casted, SEMrush, Google Analytics, and WooRank, among others. 

The overall cost of an in-depth content audit depends on your company’s niche and size in terms of the content you’ve put out. Also, the cost may vary if you have specific requirements that require additional working hours and hard work from our teams.

But on average, the range of a professional content audit is around INR 5,000 to 10,000.

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