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Efficient and agile SEO audit services analyze your website’s on-page, off-page, and technical SEO. Get well-vetted SEO reports about your site’s current SEO performance.

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What Is An SEO Audit?

A tailored SEO audit is a detailed procedure for analyzing your current website’s performance and other fundamental issues affecting your SEO performance in the SERPs.

An SEO audit report helps you analyze what’s been working so far and what issues you need to fix to increase your organic search performance. 

SEO audits are important for revealing technical SEO issues, website structure issues, user experience issues, content gaps and opportunities, potential off-site problems, and other issues.

After you know what’s causing your brand to lag behind your competitors in the SERPS, you can take the necessary steps to strengthen your presence on search engines and ensure you stand out from the rest. 

Using in-depth audit reports, you can channel your future organic marketing strategy and reach the highly targeted audience you need for your business.

Customized SEO Audit Solutions

Based on your current website performance, we provide tailored SEO audit solutions to help you figure out where your site’s current SEO performance stands and what all you need to improve. Here’s what we offer:

Content Audit

We thoroughly cross-check your content based on the standard SEO guidelines to analyze the content gaps and list the issues you need to address to improve your content marketing strategy. It will inherently provide you with a path to boost your content’s engagement and effectiveness.

Technical Audit

Our professional SEO team has years of experience in determining what programming or technical issues are causing SEO problems for your site. We have access to the best tools and strategies to ensure we deliver accurate and precise technical audits for your website.

Off-page Analysis

We ensure there’s no compromise in your off-page SEO analysis and our reports include analyzing the backlinks, the anchor text used, link positioning, and various other things to help you build a strong off-page SEO reputation and, hence, more online authority.

Competitor Research

Our SEO experts can examine your competitors which can help you strategize a better SEO plan to stand out. We can help you extract great SEO insights from your competitor's working plan which you can replicate to get ahread in your organic campaigns.

Industries We Serve


Increase your visibility by attracting the right set of prospective clients with a robust SEO plan. We ensure your SaaS is effectively crawled, indexed, and ranked by search engines.


Our comprehensive SEO reporting helps to track your tech website’s performance. You can optimize your existing SEO strategy to improve your domain authority.


Improve your traffic and IT sales by analyzing problems caused by ineffective SEO strategy with our in-depth and goal-oriented SEO audit.


Analyze your healthcare website's current SEO factors for better optimization and to make informed decisions.


Improve your organic presence with our in-depth SEO audit reports. Showcase your credibility to prospective clients and scale your marketing business


With tailored off-page and on-page SEO audits, find the gaps and improve the visibility of your financial products or services.

Why Choose Us?

We follow a result-oriented approach to deliver an all-encompassing, detailed SEO audit report for our clients that covers every aspect of SEO impacting the overall SEO performance of a website. Here’s what unique we have to offer:

Professional SEOs

With years of experience in helping businesses strengthen their website’s organic presence, we surely can handle auditing your website for an overall organic strength

Expert Content Marketers

We have a creative and expert team of content marketers who can help you strategize and create content tailored to your SEO strategy.

Actionable Reports

Our well-vetted SEO audit reports can help you improve your SEO strategy and present you with a crystal-clear overview of the current scenario.


We follow a result-oriented approach that helps you understand where you stand and what you need to work on to improve reach your marketing goals.

Indepth Analysis

We have access to the best tools to analyze your current SEO performance and have a team of experts who manually check your brand's business impact in terms of SEO.

Active Support

We focus on minimizing friction with our customer support service. So, you can access our reliable support related to SEO audit services using multiple communication mediums.


Frequently Asked Questions

SEO audits are necessary for your site’s success if you want to improve your organic presence and reach out to high-quality, targeted prospects in huge numbers, all for free, via search engines. With changing times, you must regularly cross-check your SEO performance and optimize your SEO strategy to ensure you maintain higher rankings on search engines.

The overall cost of an in-depth SEO audit depends on your company’s niche and website size. Also, the cost may vary if you have specific requirements that require additional working hours and hard work from our teams. Get in touch with one of our Pazeviews representatives to discuss your requirements and get a customized quote. 

We analyze all the on-page, off-page, and technical factors, like keyword analysis, content evaluation, website architecture and design, competitor research, indexing, crawling results, website linking, accessibility, and multiple other factors.

Yes, we offer SEO audit reports with detailed insights about the performance and areas you can improve to achieve your desired organic marketing results. We ensure our team provides you with on-time and regular reports to maintain complete transparency and help you improve your existing SEO strategy.

An SEO audit checklist, as the name suggests, includes the actions you need to take to improve your SEO. A list helps you stay focused on what to do step by step, minimizing the efforts of figuring out the action items from the numbers in the report. It can help teams address all the aspects involved in on-page, off-page, and technical SEO audits using the preferred site audit tools, all mentioned in the audit report.  

There’s no all-in-one SEO audit tool that can deliver professional results because multiple tools handle different tasks depending on your requirements. This is why we at Pazeviews use manual humanized expertise and technical help to create an audit report for you.

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